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Question   Spring 2010 pictures
All of your pictures in this group are really wonderful - in the Heceta Head lighthouse pictures I pictured myself there - it is such a lovely place! The pinnipod pictures are awesome! I feel an order coming on for note cards!

- Evylon Myers May 28, 2010

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Question   am i the only morning person here?


- myke reisig April 17, 2010

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Question   genius at work
Say Hey Craig,

This beholder marvels at your eye for beauty.


- Bob Brown January 18, 2010

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Question   Susan and Kevin's wedding
Wow! What awesome pictures you took at the wedding!!! We especially love the pictures of our kids! Lots of cool angles and artsy shots in the wedding symbols and icons gallery. Your pictures are WAY better than the ones taken by the wedding photographers :)

- Nancy and Anthony Kong June 03, 2009

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Question   Wonderful photos!
The photos are beautiful, interesting, thought provoking, humorous, and inspiring. Thanks for making them available for all to see!

- Karen & Lance August 23, 2008

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Question   the site
Rob and I are really enjoying discovering all the treasures here. One of your many masterpieces, indeed.

- Ashley Sczupak August 04, 2008

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Question   Awesomely cool
Beautiful pictures and beautiful website! You are so talented, and we are lucky to be the beneficiaries of so many of your photos.

- Stacy Graves June 09, 2008

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Question   Kudos for Craig and Anne
Just got my "special Ladybug"
sample in the mail today--I feel so
honored. WOW--I'm REALLY
impressed with your work!!!

Am having trouble with my PC and
can't seem to get into your "home"
catalog--I want to place a BIG
order. Love, Mary

- Mary Minter May 29, 2008

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